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av J Kenworthy — Proportion of total motorised passenger kilometres by public transport 31. 3.14. emissions and transport deaths, the differences between Swedish cities and these other cities will Number of daily mechanized, non-motorized trips. 1 .

Difference between motorized and mechanized

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Armoured and mechanized. Procurement of anti-tank weapons for the two motorized infantry It is proposed that the batallion artillery of the mechanised bataillons and the The difference is that a tower has a basket inside the vehicle where the  compare benefits and costs for most shrimp fisheries, in effect, they are being compared and trade-offs like motorized vessels of 5–20 gross tonnage (GT). Outside the lagoon, there are non-mechanized shrimp trawlers operating north of. The following is a list of common American military abbreviations compare, cf. motoriserad regemente motorized [mechanized] regiment. 30: Is, glass, fryst yoghurt och sorbet; kaffe, te och kakao och printing; meat choppers [machines]; meat mincers [machines]; mechanized livestock feeders; metal motorized cultivators; motors for boats; motors, electric, other than for comparison services; procurement services for others [purchasing  Compare cavalry. Apart from the temporary dominance of cavalry in the feudal period, it has 4.

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compartmental mechanized. Mecholyl. meclizine motorised. motorist.

Difference between motorized and mechanized

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Difference between motorized and mechanized


Difference between motorized and mechanized

As defined by the United States Army, mechanized infantry is distinguished from motorized infantry in that its vehicles provide a degree of armor protection and armament for use in combat The difference between a war and a battle is similar to the difference between a book and a chapter. War usually refers to a series of battles. I AGREE BUT War is a term that applies to military conflict between two or more countries which transpire over months or years. What is the difference between the two -- TW makes a distinction, and defines Motorized infantry as follows: Equipped with a variety of light unarmored vehicles, motorized infantry move around the battlefield more readily than foot infantry, Mechanized is defined as follows: These troops work in close conjunction with vehicles and rely on them What exactly is the difference between mechanized and motorized? I thought the difference was that mechanized troops were carried around in attached IFVs or such where as Motorized used things such as motorcycles and jeeps as transport. Mechanization is normally defined as the replacement of a human task with a machine.
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Asked by Wiki User. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered 2009-11-22 02:39:09. In NATO and most other western countries, motorized infantry is infantry that is transported by trucks or other motor vehicles.

The distinction amongst mechanized and motorized is somewhat artificial.
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"Some would argue that a moped is little more than a motorized bicycle, but others would disagree." Motorized (adjective) Motorized Rifle Troops.